Stories from Oetz – Edi Ant and the Little Green

Lisa Schamberger

In and around Oetz, the little village in the Bavarian Outback, which only consists of no more and no less than three houses and two farms, strange things are happening.
Eduarda, the little ant, who everyone calls Edi, follows her heart and leaves her anthill after the fairies advise her to do so.
She wants to become a poet.
She encounters the wood mouse Frieda, the elf Rosalie and, in the end, the little green goblin, who becomes her best friend.
With the little goblin’s help and his wealth of ideas and his outsmarting the ant army, Eduarda escapes arrest.
A story which encourages people to choose their own path.

This is a German edition. This article is not available in English.

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Age recommendation 3-76


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