Cordula – The Little Witch with Glasses

Judith Steinbacher

What is the matter with Cordula? On a ride through the enchanted forest, the little witch crashes into a tree. Above the lake, she collides with a swan, when brewing a magic potion, she mixes up the ingredients…how strange! But maybe, Dr. Falcon, the friendly eye doctor can help her?
“Cordula” addresses an innate fear of many children, the fear of doctors. It lets them connect with the little witch that, even with her magical powers, can’t avoid seeking help from the eye doctor, Dr. Falcon.

This is a German edition. The English edition is to be published by the end of March. Please contact us via email if you wish to receive a notification as soon as the English version is published.

Available as:

Age recommendation 3-76 Jahre
Note: Because of technical issues it currently is not yet possible to play sound and animations on kindle e-readers.
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