What is a Goloseo?

GoI lo I seo, the [ɠøɭøʃəø]
Is based on the medieval Venitian dialect. Originally, “un golosin” which translates to “hedonist”, a person interested in the good sides of life.

From the very beginning, we were inspired by the word “Goloseo” because, for us, the children’s books that we publish are basically literary treats.

Moreover, we see a little Goloseo in every kid.
Because being a Goloseo means seeing the world with eyes wide open and jumping head first into the enchanted world which a wonderful, tenderly fashioned children’s book offers.
It’s about the magic of those told stories and about believing that anything is possible if you allow your imagination full bent.

Being a Goloseo means stomping like an elephant, fighting like a pirate and flying like a fairy. Saving the princess, and the dragon as well. Making funny animal sounds, singing silly songs and traveling the world … and all of that without every leaving the house.

Anne Gerber

For me, being a Goloseo means encouraging a child’s creative nature with imagination.

Angela Hopf

Great children’s books make my childhood’s joy revive; burying your feet under your blanket, dim lighting, cuddling into on of your parents and reading wonderful stories together. Those are the kinds of books that the Goloseo Publishing House produces.

Birgit Müller

Michaela MarschPhilosophy