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Cordula the Witch with Glasses
The little Witch
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The Fire Dragon Minimax
The little town Gimpelfingen has a very special neighbor. Fire dragon Minimax really only wants to snooze in his cave and roast potatoes. Basically, he only wants to lead a relaxed dragon life. But when a fire breaks out in town and the dragon is seen flying away with little Hilde, everyone is pointing their finger at Minimax. But what has really happened? And what will the citizens and knights do? This is a German edition. This article is not available in English.
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The Town Musicians of Bremen
Nominated for the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2012 Experience what is undoubtedly one of the best-known German children’s stories. Based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm, “The Town Musicians of Bremen” tells the story of a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster who, too old to be of use on their farm, make their way to Bremen to be musicians. Follow on a trail that many children and parents have walked during the past 50 years and find out where the road takes these four unlikely companions.
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Stories from Oetz – Edi Ant and the Little Green
In and around Oetz, the little village in the Bavarian Outback, which only consists of no more and no less than three houses and two farms, strange things are happening. Eduarda, the little ant, who everyone calls Edi, follows her heart and leaves her anthill after the fairies advise her to do so. She wants to become a poet. She encounters the wood mouse Frieda, the elf Rosalie and, in the end, the little green goblin, who becomes her best friend. With the little goblin’s help and his wealth of ideas and his outsmarting the ant army, Eduarda escapes arrest. A story which encourages people to choose their own path. This is a German edition. This article is not available in English.
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Wolfram and the Antidote
Wolfram Hedgehog is allergic to ants. When he meets Edi Ant, he gets red pox all over his body and, of all days, this happens the day he wants to propose to his beloved Undine. Together, the little green goblin, Edi Ant, the squirrel Trixi and Wolfram go out in search for the “Hedgehog Nut”, the only antidote. A story of faith, hope and wishing. This is a German edition. This article is not available in English.
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We, the Goloseo Publishing House, republish old picture books, which aren’t being printed anymore.

The special thing, however, is that we found different forms to breathe new life into traditional picture books like “The Raindrops Pling, Plang and Plung”.

Thus, for every single book, we decide separately which form of reissue would most do its unique character justice.

Our different kinds of reissue are:

The traditional printed version
of the picture book,
 Frieda-Songs the audio book,
 the picture book film Frieda-TV
 Frieda-Tablet and the animated picture audio book
for tablets and Ebook Reader,

Differences between Audio Books, Picture Book Films and Animated Picture Audio Books

The Audio Books are, as they are familiar to us, told stories.

The Picture Book Films are calmly animated short movies, with the recorded stories, directly based on the original picture book.

The Animated Picture Audi Books (enhanced ebooks) are, too, animated, recorded and based on the original picture book. However, the child gets to decide how much time to spend on every single page to take in the pictures without any rush and possibly listen to the recorded text several times.

On our treasure hunt for old, wonderful, but unfortunately nowadays unavailable picture books we also often stumble upon new, not yet published stories.
Recently, we have started giving a home to those new stories as, for example, the Iranian picture book “Two Friends”.
We call this the Noviquariat.


    Michaela MarschGoloseo Publishing House